The Fuzion Factory

Striving to build confidence, self-esteem and technique in a fun atmosphere.

At The Fuzion Factory we understand the importance of your freedom. We don't want you to feel tied down to one style, set day of the week, or time. Instead, we have developed a card system that allows your whole family to take advantage of all the classes we have to offer. Simply purchase a 5, 10 or unlimited class card, which can be shared by your entire immediate family.

5 classes $30 (Single Student)
10 classes $55 (Family)
Unlimited $75 (Family)
****** All class cards expire one month after purchase******

Mommy/Daddy & Me Tumble Tots: This class promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your child. A great bonding experience for parents and toddlers.

Creative-Tumbling: Combines dance and tumbling along with games and props to enhance coordination.

Tumbling: Acrobatic skills from basic to advance. Great for students looking to enhance their flexibility & strength.

Hip-Hop: Infuses the latest styles of hip hop including break dance skills, pop and Jazz. This high energy class can be taught to anyone with little to no dance experience

Jazz Funk: Focusing on agility, timing, and floor work with a Jazzy attitude.

Cheerleading: The breakdown of cheer movements. Course will focus on motions, jumps and stunting techniques.

Rhythm Tap: Beat and rhythm breakdown made with Tap shoes. "It’s all in the feet"

Zumba: Aerobic dance fitness featuring movement inspired by various Latin dance steps.

Fit Dance: Our unique dance fitness featuring Pop, Hip Hop and international beats.

Fuzion Performing Troop: Team who represents The Fuzion Factory at community events, parades and more. All participants are required to take at least one core class (ex: Cheer or Jazz Funk) & purchase any team apparel.

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